DrupalCamp Spain 2017

On May 5th and 6th, the DrupalCamp 2017 took place in Madrid, close to the Arcmedia office. So, we of course, couldn’t miss it.

The DrupalCamp Spain brings a large number of developers and people together who are related to free software community and the Drupal Content Management System.

Did you know? Talking about Drupal, Arcmedia was the leading partner of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) and responsible for the first Drupal project.

Back to topic. We also wanted to contribute to the DrupalCamp and sent Antonia García, one of core developers, to the Camp. Antonio has been developing in this technology for several years and recently joined the Arcmedia development team in Spain. Antonio talked about his latest research on the integration of Google AMP and Drupal 8: The “Accelerated Mobile Pages” project seeks to improve the performance of websites. It allows the creation of web sites and ads consistently fast, beautiful and high performance devices and distribution platforms. We can also significantly improve the performance of our Drupal-based websites and present it by applying this new technology in search engines and other services.

At the DrupalCamp, we were able to attend numerous conferences related with Drupal 8, the latest version of the CMS and had interesting exchanges with other open source experts. On Friday, the most interesting speeches included “Front-end best practices” presented by Cristian Aliaga, “How to build multilingual sites in Drupal 8” by Christian López Espínola and “The latest techniques that we can apply when doing a migration in Drupal” by Jonathan Araña Cruz.

After lunch break the event and the conferences continued. We learned new ways to perform automatic tests with Mink (a Drupal extension) and other tools by Teun Van Veggel or how to play with the Entity API by Luis Ortiz Ramos, in addition to some tools to debug and trace websites and to improve the performance of it.

On Saturday, the speeches continued and we attended some conferences about Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) presented by Jorge Tutor or Adventures in APIs talking about “how Drupal currently fits into that world and how we can continue to evolve the software to complement these new technologies” by Sally Young from Lullabot.

We would like to thank the organization and the Madrid Drupal local community for this great event and also for giving us the possibility to continue learning and growing with the community.

See you the next time!

Foto credits: DrupalCamp